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Certain jobs in both the government and private sectors require federal security clearances. Whether you work in the defense industry, in intelligence, in law enforcement or a wide variety of federal positions, a security clearance may be a required essential to your ability to perform the specialized tasks you were hired to do.

Periodic reviews and background checks, or allegations of misconduct on or off the job, may result in a loss of your clearance — and the subsequent loss of your job.

At Passman & Kaplan, P.C., Attorneys at Law, we assist clients who are seeking to obtain, retain or reinstate their federal security clearances. From our office in Washington, D.C., our attorneys have decades of experience representing individuals across the U.S. and abroad.

Appealing A Revoked Or Denied Security Clearance — Federal Employees

The responsibility that accompanies a security clearance is serious. Essentially, the federal government is granting you limited access to private or secret information. If your clearance has been suspended, revoked or denied, your job security is probably your greatest fear. Will you lose your job if you lose your clearance? That unfortunate outcome is certainly likely, which is why representation from lawyers experienced with security clearance matters is essential.

P&K’s mission is to protect you and your career. We understand how vital your clearance is to your life. You can rely on our highly respected lawyers to advocate for you — and by extension, for your family and your future. We are here to stand up for you against the massive bureaucracy of the federal government.

The first step in an assault on your clearance, if you already have one, is the Notice of Intent to Revoke. Responding to this notice timely and thoroughly is an important and essential first step to retaining your clearance. If your clearance is revoked, you will have an important appeal opportunity. That appeal will likely be a “personal appearance” before your agency’s personnel appeals board or before the Department of Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals.

The lawyers at P&K have experience fighting for our clients facing the loss of a clearance. While these cases are difficult to be sure, having an experienced attorney can make the difference between losing your clearance and your job, and retaining your clearance and going on with your career.

Even while your security clearance review is pending, before a decision is made, the agency may propose to indefinitely suspend you from work, until a decision is reached, because you cannot perform your job without the required clearance. Such a proposal and suspension is an adverse action which may entitle you to reply rights and to an MSPB appeal.

Representing DOD And Other Federal Contractors

If you are a contractor for the Department of Defense (DOD) or other federal agencies, a denied security clearance can be catastrophic to your career. Your long sought-after career can be stripped from you in short order. Fortunately, you may have the right to appeal a denial or revocation of your clearance and be entitled to an evidentiary hearing before a judge at the DOD Office of Hearings and Appeals.

P&K’s understanding of the security clearance adjudicative factors and the appeal process makes us the right choice to provide the knowledgeable counsel and powerful advocacy you require.

To learn more about how P&K can assist you, contact us online or call 202-789-0100 or 800-881-0140.

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