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News from Passman & Kaplan: Joseph V. Kaplan Federal News Radio Interview

| Nov 20, 2014 | Uncategorized

News from & & Founding Principal Joe was a guest on November 13, 2014 on Federal News Radio 1500 AM in Wash., DC, on “The Federal Drive” with Tom Temin. The topic was nepotism in the federal workplace.

Nepotism is the hiring or promotion of relatives in federal service.  The statutes and ethics regulations which prohibit nepotism extend to advocating or advancing one’s relatives, even if one is not the selecting official for the relevant position.  In his interview, Mr. discussed the issue of nepotism, both in the context of compliance with government ethics regulations as well as in the context of possible Prohibited Personnel Practice violations.  Mr. discussed tips for federal employees on how to handle situations where possible nepotism concerns arise, as well as the risks to employees if they were found to engage in nepotism.

A recording of Mr. ‘s interview is available online from Federal News Radio, and can be found at

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