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Founding Principal Edward H. Passman Co-Authors an Article on Recommended Changes to EEOC Federal Sector Law, Regulations, and Procedures.

An article co-written by Passman & Kaplan's Edward H. Passman was published by the Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (BNA), a prominent trade publisher, in two of its federal employment law journals. Recommended Changes to EEOC Federal Sector Law, Regulations, and Procedures suggests changes to improve the EEOC's federal sector process, which the new administration has promised to make a priority. The suggested changes include, among others, transferring the investigative function from the agencies to the EEOC, making alternative dispute resolution mandatory, and assigning cases to litigation tracks. BNA published the article in its April 14, 2009, edition of Government Employee Relations, and in its April 15, 2009, edition of Employment Discrimination

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