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Whistleblower Claims

Attorneys Protecting Federal Whistleblowers from Workplace Retaliation Worldwide | Washington, D.C.

As an employee of a federal agency, you no doubt take pride in your work and are focused on your future. When you discover that mismanagement or illegal behavior has occurred within your organization, it can be difficult to know what to do. Deciding to disclose wrongful employer conduct — "blowing the whistle" — may bring you a sense of justice, but it can unfortunately also lead to retaliation.

At Passman & Kaplan, P.C., Attorneys at Law, our attorneys understand that, unfortunately, brave and ethical behavior can be risky. Many whistleblowers are not treated as heroes — and that is wrong.

If you have been the victim of a workplace retaliation that you think may be the result of your actions as a whistleblower, contact P&K today.

Making Sure Whistleblowers' Rights Are Protected

Disclosing corruption; violations of law, rules or regulations; fraud, waste or abuse; gross mismanagement or harm to public safety is protected by whistleblower laws in order to promote the disclosure of wrongdoing and protect the brave employees who expose it.

It is often best to seek the advice of a lawyer before blowing the whistle. The consequences of reporting the actions of wrongdoers can be serious, including demotion, suspension, transfer, wrongful termination — and damage to your career and reputation. Because of conservative judges and MSPB members, providing protection for whistleblowers can be difficult and requires skill.

If you have faced any retaliatory action for disclosing corruption or wrongdoing, our attorneys can work with you on strategies to help you do the right thing without sacrificing your career, or to help you seek justice if you have been retaliated against..

P&K has successfully handled high-profile whistleblower retaliation cases, helping our clients pursue redress for their employers' illegal actions. We can help you. Our mission is to protect your rights.

If you have questions about whistleblowing or are unsure if recent workplace issues are related to a disclosure you made, do not hesitate to contact us by-e-mail or call 202-789-0100. Nearby clients in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia often choose to come to our office for clients for an in-person consultation, and we offer a long-distance consultation for federal employees nationwide and abroad.

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