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Passman & Kaplan, Attorneys at Law, P.C.

Passman & Kaplan (" P&K") is a dedicated team of attorneys focused on protecting the rights of employees and promoting workplace fairness. Founded in 1990 by Edward Passman and Joseph Kaplan, our firm brings insight, knowledge and broad experience to the practice of employment and labor law, especially on behalf of federal employees.

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A Dedicated Team of Employment and Labor Law Attorneys

Our attorneys bring talent and dedication to providing effective counsel for federal employees, as well as for government and municipal employees, union members and private sector employees. We frequently work with Washington, D.C.-area federal and private sector employees, and with federal employees nationwide and those stationed abroad.

A Practice Focused on the Legal Areas that Matter to Federal Workers

P&K is highly experienced in representing federal employees before the EEOC, the MSPB and other federal agencies and administrative tribunals.

Our lawyers belong to advocacy organizations such as the National Employment Lawyers Association, the Metropolitan Washington Employment Lawyers Association, and the Society of Federal Labor and Employee Relations Professionals.

What drives our lawyers is a strong desire to help clients find equality and fulfillment in their work environments. Whether we are representing a client who has been the victim of sexual discrimination, a worker who needs to obtain a security clearance in order to retain a job, or a union alleging unfair labor practices, we are powerful advocates.

Our Commitment to Protecting Employees' Rights

We know how workplace disputes, racial or sexual discrimination, denial of benefits, or retaliation can impact your career, life and happiness. We believe we provide a vital service as we seek to protect your rights, work to end discrimination, and promote equity in the workplace.

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Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide:
Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide: How to Protect and Enforce Your Job Rights 3 rd Edition

Authored by P&K attorneys — noted experts in federal civil service law — this 673-page volume is the "bible" for federal employees and their advocates.

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