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Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide

Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide, Third Edition

How to Protect and Enforce Your Job Rights

By the lawyers of PASSMAN & KAPLAN, P.C

Passman & Kaplan announces the October 2014 publication of the THIRD EDITION of the Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide. This comprehensive book, first authored by Passman & Kaplan in 1999, and updated in 2004, has been called the definitive how-to guide for enforcing the rights of federal employees. The third edition of the Guide includes about 60 PAGES OF ADDITIONAL NEW MATERIAL and useful advice. New features include information on furloughs, non-critical sensitive positions, personal liability, federal employee special categories, internet research, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), updated privacy and medical confidentiality and also updated whistleblowers protection. The Guide also includes a listing of frequently used civil service acronyms and practical appendices of sample forms, charts illustrating appeal rights, and commonly-needed deadlines. As with the first and third editions of the Guide, Passman & Kaplan has attempted to move away from the legalese which so often complicates an already-bewildering array of regulations and policies. Although the Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide, Third Edition is clearly an invaluable resource for practitioners, Passman & Kaplan has maintained its commitment to target the book to the average federal employee.

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Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide:
Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide: How to Protect and Enforce Your Job Rights 3 rd Edition

Authored by P&K attorneys — noted experts in federal civil service law — this 673-page volume is the "bible" for federal employees and their advocates.

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